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tidusblankety's Journal

10 September
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Hi, my name is Chuck, and Im a ok a person I sappose. I have some really good friends here on live journal...there really cool..I love them all! ^^ Anyways I really like to play rpgs, and adventure romance games. I lvoe listening to my Black Mages cd that ali burned me, thanks ALi love you forever, adn Ingrid made me all these sweet banners! I lvoe you to ingrid! Yes...well I am a man obviously lol, Im pretty sensitive I sappose...but I guess i have the mannerism of Zell, thats what Ali and Ingrid say anwayys...exceptf or teh whole constently wanting to fight thing lol...anyways...I guess there realyl isnt a lot to me...I do love ot make comics and write stories, and jsut sit around with friends all day...Oh I work at mcdonalds lol, but I hope to be a Voice Actor one day...thatd be awesome...