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Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Steve your petty little… - tidusblankety [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 15th, 2005|01:24 pm]
Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Steve your petty little "fuck off" means nothing to me. And neither does ali's comment. Its things like taht, that i dont care to listen to, I just ignore it, and get over it, cause....I dont care xD lol you can think wht you want, and say what you want, but that doesnt mean i have to listen. So yeah, basicly im saying...i dont care what you have to say. I only listen to people who arnt pissed, and people who are not raging, and yeah. steve, i wasnt raging, far from it, i dont care enough to rage im just laying it out, plain and simple for ya. Word, im outta here, got plans with my bud joey bender, and sir ugly kid, see you kdis later

[User Picture]From: serria
2005-08-15 01:15 pm (UTC)
Pissed? lmao, you think I'm pissed? Why should I be pissed over you? I'd only get pissed if you were actually my friend. But since you aren't that doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Honestly I'm just too far from caring. The only thing I cared about was the things you said to Huda, trying to break up our friendship. As if you could. Don't flatter yourself to think that I'd get mad at you, I haven't in awhile. To be honest I do not like what you've become. I don't know why you started being such a bastard to Hannah and I, but that's that, only you can stop that. However you obviously never valued our friendship enough to want to preserve that, so there is no more room for you.

And as for the "hate" thing, no I don't hate you. I don't give a shit really if you hate me anymore, that's fine. I don't hate you for two reasons - one, you used to be a close friend, and two I don't hate people. I either like them or I don't. I like the people I hang out with. If I do not like someone then I don't associate myself with them, that's all there is to it. Hence why I do not want to hang out with you anymore. You like to complicate things. But it's really that simple. If I don't like you, the end.

But you know... this is no way to end it. You used to be such a close friend of mine, so here at the end I'm going to give the memory of that the respect it deserves. So good bye Chuck. I used to really care about you. Those feelings have been pretty much betrayed now. I never understood, but I suppose people change. Good bye.

And that being said...


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