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Awesome day, even if more then half my friends ditched me/didnt want to hang out with me today - tidusblankety [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Awesome day, even if more then half my friends ditched me/didnt want to hang out with me today [Jul. 31st, 2005|03:05 am]
[music |SOAD]

Hey everyone, today was alright. After goping through a few hours of hearing my friends not want to do things, and tehn they do anyways, I was tired and left my house. I took leave and headed for my second home, TJay's house. There TJay and mom where sitting in the living room. For about half an hour we all chatted it up, telliong personal things back and forth, and getting advice on suome, while laughing at others. Soon later like an hour or so later, TJay's dad came home, and tehy took off for best buy in TJay's Dad sweet corvet, and it ahs some sweet stuff inside, like a touchscreen tv. Anyways so I talked to mom for about half an hour about stuff, and then she said i could use the computer, so i went and played guild wars most of the time. TJay finally came back about an hour an a half later, and we played more guild wars, and he played splinter cell for the DS. I was starting to get frusterated and TJay could tell that I was hungry. So we took of for little cesars, and I was eating a delicious pizza, and I added a ton of spice to it. I almost done when I took a big bite and accidently inhaled at the same time. hen I did this I started choking to death, and TJay looked at me very worried like. I took out the food that was in my outh took a big gulp of his pop, and in a dieing deep voice i said "Dont, inhale spice..*coughcoughcough*...its bad for you" and continued to try and stop dieing. We headed back to his house still laughing about all this, and me being ina good mood, got to tjays and played a little more guild wars. Soon later we quested to the down stairs, and played some Cell Damage, its an alright game. Then we smashed for a while, I beat TJay, but then he beat me a million other times. I left with Julia and her sister Kayle, and we went to her friends house, but she wasn't there, but a ton of her other friends were there. After about an hour an a half of that, I took Kayla back to her dads, and called cris and jess, they came and got me, we dropped off cris, and Jess and I went to "The House" where a bunch of her friends hung out. I walked in and saw super smash brothers, and they offered me a controller, and I killed them all. Before we even started Kelsey's soon to be husband was like "Im the best, you cant beat me when Im Ganondorf!" So I took him on. I beat him as: Link, Marth, Roy, C. Falcon, and Link again. IN the final match, of our best chracter battle on final destination, I of course, the master of Link, used Link. I owned him. I was three lives up by the time he died. Thus putting an end to a great day of fun. How was everyone elses day?

[User Picture]From: serria
2005-07-31 05:52 pm (UTC)
Haha... yeah, Kelsey said that you hung out with her last night. Funny.
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